Theatre in Education

Theatre In Education offers a creative teaching methods that enables fun and informative learning, but also promotes self-confidence and freedom of expression, empowering young people to make choices whilst understanding the consequences.

Groundlings Theatre offers a broad range of programmes and also has the capability to create tailor made workshops and shows. Please see below the choice of educational programmes we offer with further details about how the day is formed.

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development:
–  Social Conscience – Anti-Bullying
–  Knife Crime
–  Confidence Through Drama
–  Sexual Health
–  Mindfulness – The Here and Now
–  Road Safety
–  Know Your Rights – Democracy / Equality Act
–  Good Mental Health

Bullying can start at a young age and can cause children to fear others in and out of school throughout their educational careers. We encourage children to accept and appreciate their differences through drama and learning games, appropriate to age and ability. We look at self-esteem and the range of behaviour associated with, or leading to bullying. This workshop – modified for each school year is often booked for delivery over a week to a whole school.  However, it is very effective even when delivered to a single year, class or as an interactive assembly.

Theatre in Education

THE EXTRAORDINARY EGYPTIANS – History – KS2 An archaeologist has arrived in Egypt. As she brushes away the dirt, she finds faded carvings of ancient hieroglyphics. After discovering more stone pieces, she begins to fit the puzzle together, transporting the audience to the land of Pyramids and Pharaohs.

Theatre in Education

The Greek Tale of ‘Theseus and the Minotaur’ – History – KS2 Take your seat with Zeus, Athena and all the other Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Greece, as you experience Theatre the way the Greeks would have. join Theseus on his quest for mythical monsters, magical moments and plenty of merriment!

Theatre in Education

THE RAMPAGING ROMANS – History – KS2 Benny the Briton is set to work for the invading Roman Army. Through song and interaction, learn what the Romans did for us, how they lived and how they forged the most powerful Empire in the world.

Theatre in Education

THE TERRIBLE TUDORS – History. William Shakespeare takes the children to Hampton Palace to experience the royal court of the Tudors. Meet a jolly King Henry VIII, his memorable wives and his successor Queen Elizabeth 1. Although the Golden age of the Tudors ended, discover the many things from that era survive today.

Theatre in Education

THE WORLD AT WAR – WW1 & WW2 – History – KS3 This performance and workshop gives pupils an insight and understanding of life in the trenches and at home during ‘The Great War’, as well as ‘World War II’ A presentation is given that is inspired by real letters sent during the conflict. The drama workshop that follows gives the pupils the chance to develop a personal response to the hardships faced and to the propaganda of war. This workshop supports programmes of study upon history of this period, war poetry, or related set literature texts.

Theatre in Education

THE VICTORIOUS VICTORIANS – History – KS2 This Victorian Top Hat tale is an entertaining, educational look at life in Victorian Britain as outlined in the National Curriculum. Two comic Victorian historians and various characters take the audience back in time to experience domestic life, inventions, education and the great exhibition of 1851.

Theatre in Education

THE VILLAINOUS VIKINGS – History – KS2 A time-travelling alien invades the theatre, taking the children back in time to Anglo Saxon Britain with a pit stop at Roman Britain on the way. A friendly Viking reveals secrets of the Norse culture and warfare while on the hunt for Thor’s magic belt.

Theatre in Education

THE MARVELLOUS MAYANS – History. Join us for a journey back in time; follow in the footprints of a fabulous old shoe travelling from a museum back to the year 2600 BC to the time of the Mayans- an ancient, mighty and powerful civilisation, creative and musical, mathematical and wise.

Theatre in Education

THE HISTORY OF CHRISTIANITY – R.E – KS3 From 42AD to the here and now, a blustering tour guide from the Vatican City leads you on a whirlwind tour through the ages, and (with help from a couple of colourful characters) explores how Christianity in Britain became what it is today. Perfect for both History and R.E teaching, commissioned by the Portsmouth Diocese.

Theatre in Education

A Nightmare at the Museum – Stone Age/Iron Age – Meet the grumpy museum curator having a nightmare at the museum. See how the exhibits come to life and show the curator there is more to the ancient history of the British Isles than stone weapons and they are  anything other than boring.


Other Popular Topics:
Voice and Speech – As actors, our voice is our most powerful tool. This workshop looks at how to gain confidence in the use of voice; show how students can develop vocal strength and range, and teaches how to use the voice most effectively for communication.

Mime and Mask – This fantastic workshop improves pupil’s communication skills by teaching how we can use body language and facial expressions to tell a story. It’s a great way to build confidence and improve team work and listening skills.

Stage Combat – Taught by our resident fight director, whose film credits include Star Wars and Gladiators, this workshop develops teamwork skills, and teaches the use of hand-eye contact and co-ordination through the use of stage combat.

Speaking and Listening
Religious Education
Science Studies
Light and dark
Guy Fawkes
The Great Fire of London
Wind in the Willows

Theatre in Education
Theatre in Education

Groundlings shows are fun, fast paced and interactive, while still being thoroughly informative and engaging for the children (and teachers!) The day starts with an hour long play on your chosen subject, with a question and answer session with the actors directly afterwards. This part is usually both on the subject and also on theatre and acting in general. The actors will then lead two, one-hour long workshops on a combination of dramatic techniques and subject incorporation so the children can put what they have learned into practice.

The normal timetable for the day is as follows (although we can tailor according to your needs with breaks and setting up for lunch in the hall, or any extra discussion you’d like to do with the kids, etc):
– Play and Q+A session (approx 1 hour 15 minutes)
– Break
– Workshop 1 (approx 1 hour)
– Lunch
– Workshop 2 (approx 1 hour)

The audience size for the performance itself depends entirely on the size of your hall! The workshops are suitable for approximately 90 children. With this number of children in total, we could run two different workshops. With more than this, we’d suggest they are split in half, with one group attending Workshop 1 and the other attending Workshop 2, and we will condense the workshops into an hour so that each class get the same experience. Either of these options is absolutely fine, as we are used to catering for both large and small groups.

The actors will arrive approximately an hour before the show is due to start in order to set up their set. It’s a very simple, very portable setup consisting of a 19ft x 12ft backdrop, and a trunk of costumes. If you need the use of the hall for lunch, we can move/take down the set for you to create space.

The show will require the use of the school hall, but any set can be moved or taken down for lunchtime if necessary. We would be grateful if the school would provide lunches for the two actors, but appreciate if this is not possible.

£375.00 (+ VAT) per day

To book contact us on 023 9273 7370. Please provide details of the show you’d like, your school, a contact name, the year group and approximate number of students. If you have a preferred date that you’d like us to visit you, just let us know and we’ll try to work around your schedule. For more information email